I'm a self-confessed home decor addict and I just love French, Victorian, Country and Shabby Chic designs & styles. Balancing simplicity and elegance is what I love the most. Always having lots of fun along the way!Thank you for stopping by and I hope LVB gets you busy with creativity!

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My love for all things Vintage...

Sharing some more pictures of vintage pieces with all of you!

I love the uniqueness, designs of vintage pieces and somehow I'm always drawn to them. I find most of these hidden treasures to be beautiful and delicate in the way they were designed decades ago with each piece telling you a story! It's like taking a trip down the memory lane, a journey through history! Hope you like them too!

Must visit these two places - Time Worn Style & Bailey & Co.!

Love this Vintage furniture - does fit well with my theme of everything white!

Image Credit: Time Worn Style

This one is awesome - a storage solution with a vintage twist - it can't any better than this!

Image Credit - Bailey & Co.

Love the ShabbyChic feel to this armchair! Use it on your living room or bedroom, something that adds a distinct character.

Image Credit: Time Worn Style

Two contrasting looks to these armchairs, yet both are elegant and beautiful in their own way! Put them together with the right theme and they can work wonders and add that vintage look to your room or home or apartment! I just love the subtle blue hue on this armchair, again goes really well with a white home decor theme.

Image Credit - Bailey & Co.

I just love the iron stool in the image below! You can mix and match this with your dining table or place it in a corner, its that simple!

Image Credit: Time Worn Style

This is a classic French vintage style side board which would suit a home that has a spacious living space or a wide passageway.

Image Credit - Bailey & Co.

A cute sidetable for your bed with its old charm!

Image Credit - Bailey & Co.

Vintage Jars to use in the kitchen or fun way to use them is for your dining table decor, add a few flowers in the jars and place them along as a part of your table setting!

Image Credit: Time Worn Style

So much more to share. Till my next one! Happy home decorating everyone!



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