I'm a self-confessed home decor addict and I just love French, Victorian, Country and Shabby Chic designs & styles. Balancing simplicity and elegance is what I love the most. Always having lots of fun along the way!Thank you for stopping by and I hope LVB gets you busy with creativity!

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Colours that set the right mood!

This segment always excites me! Before you even begin to think about your home decor, there's always the selection of colours! Being an artist, colours is one such element that is very close to me. I love experimenting with them at various levels - be it while decorating a home or while painting artwork!

Colours - Image Credit - Dulux

Even though for my own home I've tried to incorporate white everywhere into my decor, I still love adding a hint of colour wherever possible. But there's always more complexity and boldness involved when you use any colour palette especially when you try to incorporate it with your style of decor.

Nursery - Image Credit - Dulux

Choosing the right colour for your home sets the tone for the entire theme and also the decor that you eventually choose. Most of us know what style we like and what type of home decor we will choose, but very rarely we pay attention to the colour scheme of our home.

Pastel Colour Palette- Image Credit - Dulux

Here are some pointers to share with all of you -

1. Select a colour or colour palette that will merge well with your choice of decor, if you know exactly what you want to put in your home.

2. Check out current trends in colours! Yes, there are colour trends, that give you an insight on which colours are currently in vogue.

3. Always imagine your colours on a larger scale. The colour card is too tiny to give you an idea of exactly how your wall or walls will look like. If imagination doesn't work, check out the colours using Dulux's sample pot on actual walls or surfaces.

Shabbychic Door -Image Credit - Dulux

4. Remember the type of tones you would want for your home. For example, warmer or cooler colour tones, textured, plain or matt finishes. Don't mix the tones or textures all in one space.

5. I have a blanket rule for this one - if nothing works and you're still unsure on what to choose or still in doubt then go NEUTRAL for your entire home! You can never go wrong when you choose the neutral set of hues as this pretty much gives you a blank canvas to work on! And you can always add darker shades to the walls as you set yourself to decorating your home!

Neutral Tones - Image Credit - Dulux

Hope these colours have set your mood now! More on colours very soon! Let me know if you want me to write about anything in particular with regards to the Colours segment.



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