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3 Best ways to get you Started...

Now that we've had an awesome start to the new year, I have selected a few of my favourite journals, calendars and notebooks for all of you. These are the perfect tools to get you started off and organised for the year. They do make adorable gifts for your near and dear ones (if you haven't already done so). I love new and cute stationery and like the feeling having a book and pen to jot down my thoughts, the conventional way.

Having those soft tones of pastel pinks, blues and greens with the shine of gold or silver are some of my favourites and perfect to inspire you to putting your thoughts down on paper.

Image Credit - Kikki.K

Journals are awesome companions to make notes of your unforgettable moments and experiences in life. Most of us love to record those special moments, use a journal if you are serious writer, if not convert it into a scrap book with lots of photographs, if you love to create a visual version of your moments.

I have my very own journal where I capture my best moments in life and read them once in some years to look back at what happened years ago! Always brings a smile to my face and fond memories...

Image credit - Kikki.k

Planners or Wall calendars to help you manage your schedule. get creative, define your goals and make little changes every day to organise your 2017. Have your to-do lists on display in a creative and cute way! List occasions (birthdays, anniversaries), travel plans, your ultimate bucket list and other events (house parties, kids school events)

Image Credit - Up & Atem

Image Credit - Darling Paper & Co.

Write down your aspirations and let some inspirational quotes motivate you daily. Have your tasks listed for the month that you wish to achieve.

Make a List of your very own daily quotes and create your own inspirational notebook!

Image Credit - Up & Atem

Notepads or cute post it notes - to list recipes, ideas and your shopping lists. I use my notes for small reminders and stick them on my fridge. I also write small notes and save them as book markers or tags in my novels.

Image credit - Kikki.K

So here are my top picks


Darling Paper & Co.

Up & Atem


Kmart Stationery

So plan ahead and get started and make a difference to the way you organise yourself this year!



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