I'm a self-confessed home decor addict and I just love French, Victorian, Country and Shabby Chic designs & styles. Balancing simplicity and elegance is what I love the most. Always having lots of fun along the way!Thank you for stopping by and I hope LVB gets you busy with creativity!

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Romance is in the air... Valentine's Decor

Yes you read it right - Decorate for Valentine's! I know that sounds like a lot of work for all you busy working ladies out there. But it's not that hard, really.

I promise, I have some awesome and easy ways to make this happen.

I'm sure most of you, do get excited about Valentines Day, just like I do! [I just need an excuse to get my husband off his phone or laptop and get him to spend some time with me!]

This time, I won't be listing out gifts for him or her. Sorry.

This year, let it all be about you and your soulmate. And here's what you can do to set the mood right for the month of February or for Valentine's Day.

1. Just tidy up your home (an excuse to clean up) and set the mood for something relaxing. You don't need to cook on the day - have a romantic lunch or dinner at your favourite cafe or restaurant.

2. Get some scented candles that posses a soothing fragrance and elevate your mood. Thats it! Candles are the best way to decorate your home with, especially for special occasions. I have decorated mine by using simple ribbons, easy done.

3. Decorate your bedroom with roses or your favourite flowers. I love decorating mine with the blushes and hues of pink.

Add some comfortable cushions or pillows, along with a cosy throw and light up those candles!

I've used a simple mason jar to decorate by bedside table with roses alongside a vintage candle stand that I bought from an antique market.

Finally, sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home.

Thats it! Simple and easy ways to decorate your home and not break into a sweat.

What can you do to make it special? Some simple romantic gestures are more than enough.

Write a note or a letter - show your care and appreciation.

Relive your memories together by looking at your past photographs.

Watch a movie together with some popcorn of course!

Play a video game together and have fun.

Dance to your favourite songs or go for a long drive. Just be together and spend some time with each other.

Here are some of the things you need to decorate your home

1. Mason Jar

2. Bouquet of Flowers

3. Cosy Cushions

4. Candles

5. Dinnerware

The best part about Valentine's for me is - I'd like to cherish and be grateful for the most important thing in life - LOVE!

I leave you with one of my favourite romantic lines -

I've loved another with all my heart and soul; and to me, this has always been enough." - Nicholas Sparks "The Notebook"

Hope all of you have an awesome month of love and romance!

Happy Valentines.



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