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Readers' Choice (Feb)- 5 Practical Storage Solutions for Kids Rooms

Well how do you actually organise your kids room and make it look "Stylish" ?

In my previous post, I discussed about simple and stylish storage solutions for your bedroom and living areas, and since then I have received requests to talk about storage solutions for your tiny ones. So here I am typing up my favourite picks that you can use to organise your kids room.

Storing all those toys away can be tough ask when you seem to feel that you have to tidy up your little ones room all the time. With every passing moment, it gets even more boring, tiresome and does take a toll on us - busy multitasking mums. So what do you do?

I generally apply the KISS principle to all my rooms although, it's always a challenge when it comes to organising your kids toys and the mess that follows with it. But trust me it works really well if you stick to this principle when you want to organise or design storage for kids.

Just Keep it Simple Stupid!

One storage box or tub for one type of toy.

Books in one box, stuffed toys together, lego bricks in another box and stationery or paints in yet another box. I like to keep them separate, even though it means lots of boxes. It's much easier to pack or unpack them whenever needed.

A tip to keep in mind - Use different types of tubs so you know exactly which category of toy it belongs to! While packing up toys, I simply throw them in their respective tubs and its way easier and quicker than chucking everything in one big tub and later having to go through the tub to find 1 toy!

They also look neat and organised even if you have thrown them in and can be left in plain sight without having to hide the mess.

One more handy tip - Use toys themselves as storage tubs - a drum or even a toy truck!

My 5 favourite types of storage solutions that are affordable, easy to clean with a wet wipe and can go a long way in terms of its functionality and durability. [read : your toddler or kid smashing the living day lights out of these during playtime]. So you don't have to keep buying or re-organising them for your little ones room.

1. Clear Plastic storage containers - these are from Ikea and I just love them. They are translucent, so you don't have to label the containers to figure out the contents! I use them for storing bigger toys and other miscellaneous kids items that don't fit in smaller boxes.

2. Fabric bags or Fabric storage boxes - Kmart has really cute and really inexpensive fabric storage sacks that you might like, they are easily foldable when not in use. These are very well within your budget for about $10 only and are stylish enough to decorate your kids play area. Can be used to store soft toys or other bigger toys.

Image Credit - Kmart Australia

I must say though, I love my fabric storage boxes from Toys R Us, they are very sturdy, lightweight and so much more versatile. Even though it's a fabric box, I use a damp cloth or wet wipe to just clean them time to time.

Ikea has recently introduced its new range of fabric boxes and sacks, and they look good as well.

Image Credit - Ikea Australia

3. Paper Bags - If you love custom made storage solutions then paper bags are the way to go! For those who want something different and fancy, that matches their kids room decor. It's a mix of decor piece and storage all in one.

Image Credit - Pretty Tidy

4. Wooden Storage Box - Adairs Kids have really lovely wooden storage boxes, but they might prove a bit expensive in comparison to Ikea's wooden storage toy/box. But again, it depends on what you would love in your kids play room and whether it matches with the overall decor of your home.

Image Credit - Adairs Kids

Image Credit - Ikea

5. Reuse your baby bins - I have simply used my baby's nappy bin (that we hardly used much, when he was tiny) and have converted it into a Lego storage box instead. He loves emptying the bin and then opening the lid and filling it again with all the lego blocks!

So here is a list of my favourites -

1. Kmart Australia

2. Ikea Australia

3. Toys R Us

4. Adairs Kids

5. Pretty Tidy

Do you think these practical ideas might work for you? Let me know.

Happy organising and have a wonderful week ahead!



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