I'm a self-confessed home decor addict and I just love French, Victorian, Country and Shabby Chic designs & styles. Balancing simplicity and elegance is what I love the most. Always having lots of fun along the way!Thank you for stopping by and I hope LVB gets you busy with creativity!

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8 Design & Decor mistakes to avoid!

We are all individuals, distinct in our own ways and our styles and design choices that we like or pursue. What makes them stand out, is when you put the right things together all in one space so they look really great. We may shop around often when we have to decorate our home and almost always pick up something we love, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will look perfect in your home or go with the existing decor that you have going.

Image Credit - 1st Option

Some of the simple mistakes that all of us make when designing and decorating our home and how you can avoid them -


You've just bought an apartment or home and are pretty excited to move in and want to dive straight into buying some new furniture and fittings for your home! Well, hold onto that thought, before you go about fixating on that coffee table or couch! Set your sights on what modifications you want in your floor plan before you move in and ask the right questions.

Do you want to knock down a wall or do you want to change your floor tiles or re-do your bathroom? or do you want to add that kitchen island you've always dreamed about? Do you want to swap your dining for living or vice versa. Would you want to add a study nook? or a laundry room would be what you need to design?

Image credit - Fired Earth

Draw up your own plans with what you want, even if you are not sure about how things would fit in. It's definitely a way to get you thinking about your floor plan and make you think about the placement of your windows, making extra shelving etc.

Image Credit - LIV Design Collective (Sara Boulter)


Scale is one of the most common mistakes that almost everyone makes at some point while designing or decorating their homes. One reason for why that happens because you see your favourite decor piece in a showroom and forget to visualise it in your own home. Most of us mix and match too many decor pieces in a room, thereby cluttering it and also putting too many large, bulky items in one room can make it overwhelming and small.

Image credit - LIV Design Collective (Sara Boulter)

The pendant lights, no doubt are amazing however, they are just too big for this kitchen island. They overpower the entire space and take away your from the beautifully designed kitchen.

You have to be clever in the way you scale your home. Decor pieces of different shapes, sizes and heights that are smartly spaced out will add more charm to your home and won't feel like you have cluttered it with too many things.

Image Credit - Rita Chan


Another common mistake is picking and choosing from different styles and combining them as one. So it's important that you first identify your style and understand how it would suit your home.

Do you want to adopt a French look? Do you prefer the a much simpler approach minimalist approach? Do you want a Farmhouse or Country look? or just a Coastal theme? Traditional or Shabby chic. Pick one and stick to it.

Image Credit - Giannetti

You can always change your style after a few years and adopt the one that grows on you over time. It's always fun to re-do your home and experiment till you really find something that you truly love!

Image Credit - Rita Chan Interiors


Go easy on adding several colours together, or adding colours to different rooms.

A feature colour wall is not always a good idea unless it is well-thought and adds a new dimension to the room. Hence, choosing a colour palette before you select your decor, curtains, rugs or furniture.

Image Credit - Fired Earth

LVB Tip - A smart way to add deep colours that brings out the best in your cabinetry as well!

Image Credit - Studie McGee


The most imoprtant B that all of us have to pay attention to - Budget.

Always drawup your budget and prioritise what you would want to spend on the most and what you feel is needed most in your home. It could be a coffee table or a couch or even a desk for your study. Remember, that decor needs to be introduced in one by one if you are unsure of the style you want to adopt.

LVB Tip - Draw up a Checklist of what you need the most.

Download LVB's Smart Budget Checklist here.

Example of a Simple Budget Checklist


Don't try to change your style just because it's the trend or the cool thing to do. Make your own signature theme and choose your distinctive home decor to make your home look different to others. Adopt the latest style trends in such a way that they blend with your home decor not the other way about. Take your time and select what you feel would add some character to your home.

Image Credit - Giannetti

Image Credit - Giannetti


Make sure you don't overdo your home decor and don't try to do too much in a tiny space or too little so that seems a bit overwhelming and as years go by it looks dull and boring.

Image Credit - Style at Home

Image Credit - Style at Home

Be confident and trust your instincts while choosing simple things - that make a huge difference. Example - a rug for the living room, artwork for your wall, coffee table or even a candle jar!

Image Credit - Style at Home


Your home is YOURS! So don't forget to add your personal touches with photographs, artwork or special gifts that you've received from your loved ones.

Image Credit - source

Image Credit - Giannetti

Well that's it from me on what you can avoid in your home.

Hope these easy tips prove helpful! Till the next one...



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