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How to Create your very own Green Oasis

This year, Pantone declared greenery as the colour of the year and I am hoping that you are inspired by all things green! I have also been thinking, is there a way to get away with adding the colour green to your home without actually painting your walls all green! Can you think of anything? Can you guess how you add green and bring that freshness to your interiors? Well, I thought about adding this in a much better way – by bringing the outdoors inside!

Here are my ways on adding some natural home decor.

Add plants to your room or rooms and make a style statement with having potted plants all over your home. Houseplants that are cute and easy to maintain are sometimes the perfect way to add décor. Plants have magical power to bring that vibrancy and fun to your indoor spaces and also add a sense of calmness.

Green potted plants brings splendour, charm, texture and good energy into every space. Even if you don’t know how to take care of plants, it’s a good idea to still have some low maintenance plants in your home.

For apartments where space is a concern, add plants from the ground level up and line them up on a bench. The narrow width won’t take up much space but will make a huge impact.

The other way to go is from all the way up - Use hanging plants or creepers that fall across vertically and look delicate down are an unexpected touch that’ll really make your room memorable.

Create a garden oasis of your own with your own collection of plant favourite and handmade pots. Fill those hard-to-reach top shelves with a collection of ferns and other house plants.

Do you have a window sill overlooking a view, then you can utilise to keep a tiny pot.

Paint a few of your tiny pots and make them pretty.

Image Credits- the tuture kept & HerNewTribe

Hope you all have had an awesome Easter break! I am still trying to get back to writing a few more posts this week. More coming soon...



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