I'm a self-confessed home decor addict and I just love French, Victorian, Country and Shabby Chic designs & styles. Balancing simplicity and elegance is what I love the most. Always having lots of fun along the way!Thank you for stopping by and I hope LVB gets you busy with creativity!

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Interior Trends 2018 and Beyond...

As promised, sharing what's going to be in vogue, 2018 onwards and what you will start seeing in home decor and interior styling all around the globe!

La Villa Blanche visited the Trend Hub at the Decor + Design Show in Melbourne this year and was indeed lucky to be a part of the Trend tour that introduced me to the current and future trends. Victoria Redshaw of leading UK trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus hosted this year's Trend tour as always and shared her amazing tips and insights into 2018 designs and trends.

Here's a peak into what LVB loved as the 2017 trends and here's what LVB loves for the 2018 trends -

Image Credit - Decor + Design show


Sapphire blue and velvet burgundy are the colours to follow in 2018. As millennial pink continues to be used all across, power pink will also be a shade that will be used quite a lot 2018 onwards. A more balanced approach will move across with use of neutral earthy tones that stick to more natural palettes that are inspired by nature! Mauve being one of the go to colours moving forward and is one of my favourite tones that I'd love to use in a room! Brass and silver metallic colours also have started finding their way slowly but surely into homes - tap fittings, frames, door knobs, handles etc. Silver will also make a comeback next year as copper leaves us for good! (I have always been a bit cautious about using copper in my home!)

Metallics in Vogue!

The Power Pink colour along with Millennial pink will continue through to 2018.

Dulux has recently released it's 2018 Colour trends more on that in my next blogpost!


Cultural mix means a harmonious blend of cultures, textured colour patterns and semi precious colours. Dark wood or rosewood will soon be introduced and be used in furniture designs. The ancient Japanese technique of charring wood to protect it; is going to be a trend to follow in 2018. Using older techniques from different cultures and adding newer technologies and blending them together to create even more sustainable and eco friendly products, is what we will see. Creating a balance between functionality and impact, and also taking care of how they are sourced is becoming even more important!

Fabrics that are going to be used.

Dark and charred wood

Atolyia is one great example of such a trend where Turkish textiles for bathroom are made.

Uniqwa was one of my favourite as it had earthy tones and white all across it's stand that suits La Villa Blanche's style of decor!


Traditional handcrafted homewares, organic materials and textiles will continue to grow in 2018 emphasising vibrant, expressive and bold styles. The idea of living in an urban jungle, yet surrounding yourself with sustainable and recycled materials will follow through in interiors and designs across several homes.

The connection made through simple yet earthy textures will be in vogue moving into next year! Watch out for even more and more bespoke, handmade and unique pieces in textiles, homewares, ceramics and furniture. Something that stands out and is a limited edition is what interior styling is all about.

We will see even more products in the following year that are designed and manufactured with a social conscious using materials that are utilised from building and agricultural waste.

Victoria Redshaw giving the trendy info!

Hope you are now excited as I am about what's in store in the new year ! Ask me a question and I'd be happy to help you pick something trendy for your rooms!



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