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Front Door Decor: How to Make it Chic and Inviting

This month we welcome Catherine Collins, a consultant for home design, who will be featured as a guest blogger on La Villa Blanche! We are excited to have her expertise on board as she shares her knowledge on home design and decor topics with LVB readers. She adores her job, and loves to write various articles on interior design. She is a regular contributor to the blog, where she shares her advice and ideas. Catherine has written the following blogpost on Front Door Decor for LVB readers and shares her tips on how to make it chic and inviting.

Most experts in exterior design say that if you want to redecorate or update one aspect of your home exterior, make it your front door. Your door and porch are very easy to decorate (and redecorate once you get bored of your current setup), and they make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home. After all, this is the first and the last thing your guests see when visiting, so it should be memorable. Here are some ideas how you can make your home entrance more chic and inviting.


Many people have a problem with their porches being dark and uncomfortable. One way you can make your entrance seem brighter and more inviting is by adding a pop of colour. You can repaint your porch or simply add a fresh coat of paint to your front door. For instance, a vibrant door paired with white windows and soft-colour sidings will create an amazing aesthetic effect and catch the eye for all the right reasons. A bright red front door sounds a bit too bold for you? No problem, opt for a neutral colour instead, but make sure it’s in contrast with your façade.


The good thing about your front door decoration is that it is quite practical because it can change as seasons or holidays go by. For instance, you can celebrate autumn by putting up some rain boots, umbrellas or baskets of dry flowers. In spring, you can put up some fresh flowers or letter monograms to pay homage to your family. Cut out the first letter of your family name or cut one letter for each of your family members. Then, decorate the letters with different fabric, moss, twine, seashells, glass, or buttons.


Another great and easy way to add some colour to your front porch is to introduce some interesting containers and fill them with colourful plants. When it comes to containers, you can be as creative as you’d like ‒ get some old toys, wagons or sleds; salvage a vintage rolling cart or an old Farmer’s-Market-style trout and fill them with all sorts of herbs and flowers. These unusual plant containers will certainly draw visitors’ attention and serve as great conversation starters. You can also try adding other enhancements to further beautify your home, such as water features or interesting pavers.


If you want to add a bit of style to your front entry, you don’t have to go big. Small details can sometimes achieve the same impact, so install a door knocker or oversized house numbers that will attract attention. Most of the numbers require holes to be drilled in your door or siding, but you can also find the decal ones. You can also consider some stylish quality door mats or an interesting mailbox!


There’s nothing better than enjoying warm summer nights on your porch and sipping wine or lemonade, so make sure to provide your entrance with some relaxing furniture. Opt for a bistro set that can fit almost any space, or go old-school with a wooden swing (but only if you have a sturdy ceiling). Put up some soft and colourful pillows, a blanket for colder nights and enjoy your porch like never before.


Good outdoor lighting is a must for both convenience and safety. Stumbling up the stairs at night might cost you a trip to the hospital, plus strategically placed lights will keep the potential intruders away from your property. Your best choice is probably some motion-sensor lights placed near the front door. To illuminate your pathways, use low-voltage lights, and install some lanterns for general front yard lighting. All of these combined will create an amazing atmosphere and add a touch of drama to your space.

Image credits -, Michelle Lange -Style me Pretty, Milou and Olin ,, Relics of Whitney Ltd, Home Stratosphere, Wreath Dreams at, Palette Paint & Home & The Solar house

As you can see, if you want a chic and inviting front door and porch, you have to be bold. Surprise your guests, pay attention to details, and your home will inspire others to do the same.

Hope you've enjoyed this one as much we have! Let us know what you would do to make your front decor stand out from others? Until the next one...


Catherine & Shirin@LVB

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