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5 Stylish Rugs for your Living Room

There are several decor pieces and layout aspects to think of while decorating your living room and one of the most essential pieces of accessory is your area rug.

Rugs are often used to define spaces especially in large open plan layouts and they help differentiate the living areas from the dining space. Whether the flooring is made up of tiles or timber or laminate, you need to think about adding that quintessential rug, which will tie in all the pieces of decor and furniture together and add those finishing touches to the overall style of your living room.

This year, there have been several different styles that have caught my attention and I am excited to share some of my favourites today, with all of you. But before I do that, let me know share what I love about rugs.


Rugs add warmth and luxury to your living rooms and are used to add a visual break to your flooring. Careful planning and designing a theme around your home can help you select the perfect rug that will add some texture or pattern to a simple living space. Make sure you have the right colour or pattern in mind that fits well with your furniture, style or theme.

LVB TIP - Add some cushions on your couch that complement or match the textures in your rug. Colours or tones from your rug can also be replicated in your furnishings such as curtains, cushions, throws or artwork that tie them all together.


Adding traditional Persian rugs with intricate designs to modern builds is a great way of introducing the old world charm into today's homes! The worn out vintage rugs that have a mix of greys and neutral tones, add an interesting dimension to your rooms.

LVB TIP - primary colours in a vintage worn out look is a smart way of adding that much needed colour to your room!


Layering of several rugs of different sizes is something that's used to create some variations to a large floor space. You need to ensure the rugs complement each other and do not have too many patterns that don't make a cohesive style.

LVB TIP - Make sure you choose the right size of rug, too small and it might make your room look incomplete, ensure it's large enough to define your living space. I prefer using rectangular rugs of varied sizes for layering.

Temple & Webster, is Australia’s largest online furniture and homewares retailer, offering a range of more than 130, 000 products. They have some amazing rugs that are reasonably priced and have a varied collection which would suit any style or theme you choose for home.
LVB's top 5 rugs from their range, that are budget friendly and very trendy -
1. Natural Fibre rugs are ones that I absolutely adore! They are flat woven from natural fibres such as jute, sisal, coir or sear. They are highly durable, add that required texture and look really beautiful because of their earthy tones.
2. The Flatweave rugs that have a wide range in from traditional and modern styles featuring patterns, stripes and chevrons. They are often very reasonably priced rugs and are a great way to update a room.
3. Venice Stunning Designer Ivory Blue Rug - An elegant portrayal of delicate patterns with a hint of classical charm adding that vintage feel to a lounge.
4. Ibis White Cotton And Jute Rug - Intricate textures and a soothing colour palette make this the perfect combination for your living room.
5. Cream & Gold Harlequin Metallic Cowhide - Natural hide, adorned with a metallic harlequin print - adding the Nordic look to your room.

Image credits - Temple & Webster

This is a Temple & Webster Sponsored Post.

Happy shopping everyone!

Hope this post makes it easier to select an awesome rug for your living room.

Coming up next is LVB Readers' Choice...



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