I'm a self-confessed home decor addict and I just love French, Victorian, Country and Shabby Chic designs & styles. Balancing simplicity and elegance is what I love the most. Always having lots of fun along the way!Thank you for stopping by and I hope LVB gets you busy with creativity!

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Easy Christmas tree decorations

Jingle bells jingle bells here we go again - it's Christmas time again!

This year has been a whirlwind of a time... having said that, however, I have been well prepared this time around and decorated our Christmas tree well before the holidays begin! I hope my toddler will let it last this time around and I am quietly praying for it to last!

So here's me sharing my Christmas tree decor and some tips on how to make this happen quick and easy! I chose a golden theme though initially I planned for to a golden grey theme. I think it turned out ok with just gold being a primary theme throughout.

This year, I bought an awesome garland which fits perfectly on my fireplace mantel and looks just beautiful. Easy and simple ways to add some Christmas decor is to just add a garland either on your fireplace mantel or hang it over your artwork or a vintage mirror if you have one! You could also hang your wreath on your front door or on a mirror in your living room.

I had a very simple Ikea tree this year (read - less budget for a faux tree) and added another faux garland all around the tree to give it a more fuller look.

The very first thing is to get the ribbons flowing through the entire tree in the way you want. If I could decorate the tree again, I would probably first start with getting the led lights in place even before I start off with the ribbons. And I must admit after my toddler dropped my fully decorated tree, I had to re-do the ribbons and that was very tough and time consuming.

LVB Tip - Let the ribbons flow and make sure you leave a lot of room so you can tuck them in and shape them where required. Also, don't bend them too much otherwise you will lose the natural flow and curves.

The next step is to add ornaments, as my theme was gold I preferred silver and champagne ornaments. These bells aren't your traditional baubles, however, they are quite pretty and proved a good substitute - that works for a traditional Christmas tree as well.

LVB Tip - Make sure you add them all over and cover the entire tree, even the side that isn't visible - that's the key to decorating a Christmas tree.

A trick to making your tree look even more fuller is - to use artificial flower decorations. .

I felt my garland needed a little dash of pink and so I added a few pink roses just to add something extra...

Instead of adding a cloth tree skirt, I used a jute storage box to cover the tree from below and I must say it worked!

LVB Tip - So you don't have to always buy accessories, look around your home and see if you can re-use something that will look just as good!

Let me know if you were able to decorate your Christmas tree with ease and do share your pics with me!

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas break!

One more blogpost coming up before I relax these holidays till then...



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