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5 Fabulous Wallpapers for Kids Room

The trend that started last year and continues to grow strongly this year too - is decorating your walls with wallpaper! Now, some of you might think why wallpaper? Adding a wallpaper to a single wall can make quite a big impact in a room, it works wonders on more than just walls. They are an awesome substitute and a quick fix for adding colour to your walls or creating a feature wall. They are unique and create an element of interest in a room - most of all they are budget-friendly and durable!

Hence, when it comes to designing creative and practical rooms for kids - wallpapers are the way to go! They add some visual drama, fun and make a space that they'll adore!

Now that I have highlighted the obvious benefits of having wallpaper in your home let me share with you some of my favourite wallpapers from Photowall. They are a Swedish wallpaper company, with a passion for design and quality and their range of wall murals and canvas prints are just amazing! Their wallpapers can be custom ordered and come along with a wallpaper hanging kit that includes wallpaper paste and detailed instructions.

I have been crushing on some of their wall murals for some time now! So I wanted to share a few of my favourite wallpapers from their range that I'd love to use in kids rooms depending on their age.


Use combination of subtle greys or soft pinks and muted designs that don't jump out too much. Your baby needs a calm and quite haven, so make sure the patterns are soft and have pastel tones in your nursery!

Neighborhood Grey

Happy Forest - Pastel

LVB Tip - Professional wallpaper installers are skilled people who know what they're doing and I would suggest spending a bit more to get your lovely wallpaper installed by one of them. Now it may seem easy to take it on as a DIY job, but wallpapers are tricky and one wrong move can make it all look bad! ​


When designing kids rooms, use bold patterns that reflect their growing personalities. Mixing pastel colours makes it really easy to achieve a theme that will work over the years and still prove loads of fun. You need to imagine the room, that moves on from being a nursery to a kids room. Design it in such a way that it's suitable for both for study and play all in one space!

Tiny Cabin Multi

Agnes Multi

LVB Tip - Personally, I am not a big fan of applying wallpaper to the ceiling or on all the walls in one single room. One feature wall that makes a statement works just as good! And it's a very quick way to update your room.


As your kids move onto being teenagers - use wallpapers with colours that are striking and have pleasant tones. Remember that teens would like to add their own elements and you need to ensure that the wallpaper you choose works well with a multi-functional space.

Trees Pink

Image credits - Photowall, Sweden

LVB Tip - Wallpapers require trimming and if your walls are not in pristine shape, matching the patterns will be even more tough! So remember to hire someone who knows how to do this!

Time to get started then and relive your childhood days...

This is a Photowall sponsored post.

Will add a few pictures on the project that I have just completed using my favourite wallpaper. It will be added to the "Portfolio" page. So keep an eye out for the next web update. Hope this inspires you!



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