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Readers' Choice (Feb) - How to choose artwork or pictures for your walls?

It's that time of the month where you get to ask the questions and I try my best to find some answers! This time around, I had a few people ask me about how to choose artwork for their bedrooms and living spaces.

Sometimes this can be very easy and sometimes it can be very hard to figure out and sometimes it can go wrong too! Trust me when I say this - I have been there and that's why my husband keeps wondering why I end up just looking at artwork or pictures without actually buying anything! I browse and browse and ponder and wonder... it's been 3 years to be exact and I am still learning ...

One key thing to remember is that a good piece and well-chosen one artwork needs to fit your room decor or style and that has an amazing power to transform your room into something more beautiful and outstanding! So how do you choose then?


The key to choosing the perfect artwork is to understand your style first. What is it that you really like? Are you a person who loves minimilist style or are you someone who loves periodic and French finishes or rustic farmhouse style? or a mix of both!

If you have an interior theme going that you really love then stick to it.

If you have a fixed colour palette and want something to complement it, then focus on the colours instead and if it's just about you simply loving a piece of artwork then just buy it!

LVB Tip - Get something that you will love seeing every single day!


Sometimes it's best to choose something that's more close to you rather than having random artwork displayed all over. Your house begins to feel more like a home when you do add your own personal touch and memories to it. Displaying some fond pictures of your own and your loved ones. Think out of the box and display something that defines you, something that's unique. Create your very own art even if you are not artistic, just make something that you and your family have made together. Or have something meaningful written for your loved ones!

LVB Tip - Save your kids craftwork and art and just frame them! These are precious memories that make you relive some fond times as the years go by.


A single big artwork in the hallway that draws you in or create a gallery of pictures. Make sure you have the right scale and it fits well with the wall you place your pictures. Have some words or quotes displayed in the living or dining room and you can never go wrong.

LVB Tip - Sometimes more is also a good thing! Chaos in a home always gives it that warmth and lived in feeling, so mix it up a bit and see how you go!

LVB Tip - Some touches of creativity and some DIY and you can create your own special wall with your favourite artwork or pictures or prints.

Image credits- the design files, Maxwanger Modern country style, Brush and Timber , Design Improvised & Soul Speak and Sawdust

Gathering up some ideas already - for something more creative for your wall?

Promise to write more in the coming weeks...

Until then...



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