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2019 Interior Trends

We are well settled into 2019 and here are my top 5 interior trends that are working their way this year into many homes!


Everyone wants to be unique don’t they? The buzz word being "bespoke" and "limited edition" are now in vogue with consumers looking for something different and a one off decor piece for their homes. Individuality stands out and people are paying more attention to decorating their spaces with more unique elements. You can see a lot of small businesses making it big with that one product that has an edge over the others via Instagram or Etsy.

LVB Tip - Etsy provides some very unique decor items but you need to search a bit to find the right decor item that suits your interior style!


Colour is back and about character - the 2019 Pantone colour of the year being Living Coral. This is a vibrant and bright colour that would work both in digital and natural colour palette. Mixing this in lighter or pastel shades would work just as well! Its certainly a shift from the more colder tones of 2017 & 2018 into a warmer shade this year, so looking forward to how this affects our interiors.

LVB Tip- I love the colour palette introduced by Dulux under their Filter forecast for 2019 - they have some of my favourite tones.


Old is gold and old is back as well! Vintage or furniture form the 70s or 80s is back and collecting these vintage or antique furniture and collecting pieces that would add that old world charm back into your home. The current trend is to mix the old and new and to look at repurposing furniture or decor items in today's world. Furniture no longer needs to be perfect with smooth finishes the worn out look still continues into 2019 with more and more people open to adopting this trend!

LVB Tip - Antique shops are the best places to start, old library books, worn out rugs and oil lamps are perfect accessories that work well. Some really old furniture like an old box to store cushions or my French nesting tables that I absolutely adore!


Sustainability is another keyword that you will keep hearing in 2019 and moving forward in interior magazines. The trend is to decorate your front year with terracotta pots or hanging gardens that are easy to maintain.

LVB Tip - Ikea has these that are really cute and work really well.


Luxe is definitely in with the royal rich feel in fabrics is back! Velvet is now introduced in full swing though I was into this fabric since my quest to buy the perfect coffee table started last year! I ended up settling for cotton fabric rather than velvet taking into consideration that I have a three old hopping and skipping around but I do plan to buy the coffee table of my dreams that is deep grey velvet and tufted!

LVB Tip - You can add a bit of luxury in your living room or bedrooms with just simple velvet cushions! So simple isn't it?

Image credits - Ikea Australia, Dulux Australia

I am off to celebrate my Valentines Day in a few days time, this time on a quieter note!



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