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Readers' Choice (Mar) - How to put up a Wallpaper!

I had a few of my followers ask me how did I go about putting up the cute Photowall wallpaper in my son's room! So here's the real deal and things to consider before you go about doing a DIY job or hire a professional to do this for you.

Are you a DIY person and are you really good at it?

Did you splurge a bit on getting the best wallpaper and have budget constraints?

Do you have your essential materials and toolkit ready to go?

If your not confident of your DIY skills, then you might have to re-think about how you are going to have a lovely wallpaper in your room as a feature wall. There are a number of factors while you decide, it is a wall mural that is an easy fix and a stick on job, then I would suggest doing this on your own.

If this is a full-on feature wall with wallpaper that has to be stuck over a vast expanse then I would suggest getting professional help. It also depends on the quality of the wall paper and the toolkit. If the wallpaper is thick and comes in perfect panels then it makes your job much easier.

Here are the essentials you need to get you started -

Wallpaper - Make sure you have measured your wall accurately and make sure you purchase enough roles. Photowall sizes up your length and marks each strip perfectly. So you have no issues using the panels as they are numbered in the order they should be hung.

Wallpaper paste

Wallpaper application brush

Roller and tray


Spirit level

Knife or cutter

Trim guide



Seam roller

Step Ladder

LVB Tip - Always select a wallpaper that suits your interior style and can blend into the room you are trying to decorate. And make sure you absolutely love it.

LVB Tips for putting up your wallpaper

Make sure your wall is clean and free of dust and dirt.

Your first strip of wallpaper needs to be set up right and then the rest will follow smoothly!

Hang the panels edge to edge and make sure they do not overlap.

Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe off excess paste.

If this is your first time and you are not a DIY pro, I will suggest getting a professional to set it up for you. I did hire Yann from Deco and Co. who was absolutely fantastic and did a brilliant job! I will definitely hire him once again and highly recommend him. His work is neat and perfect! He was patient and understood exactly what I wanted!

Follow the general guideline - measure, apply glue, stick the paper, press it with the sponge and repeat! Once you get into the rhythm it's pretty easy!

Here are the things to watch out for -

The first panel is always the toughest to lay.

Hang them left to right.

Apply the paste directly to the wall.

Make sure all air bubbles are smoothened out.

Ta da! That is how you put up a wallpaper. To complete the look of your room, you just add finishing touches with placing your furniture or wall art after 24 hours. It's not necessary to make the feature wall the focal point of your room. You can decorate your room around it and let the wallpaper work its own magic!

Till the next one....



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