About LVB

Welcome to La Villa Blanche - "The White Villa"! My creative venture which brings to life the classic styles from early 1900s of the French and Victorian era. I have always been mesmerised by these designs and decor, that possess a distinctive charm an intrigue about them and have always tried to emulate them in my own home. I personally, love French Provincial decor combined with a Shabby Chic and Vintage styles and I love balancing these designs - it's this combination that excites me the most! I have been an artist by nature and always loved being creative. My in depth knowledge with colours and textures has inspired me to start my own home decor blog. Designing interiors for my clients is something that excites me and I hope to reach out to a larger audience through my blogs.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me and hope this blog inspires you with ideas to make your home a cosy and happy place for you and your family! 

LVB Soaps

The quest to transition to zero waste and use products that are non-toxic and chemical free motivated me to create my own soap bars that practiced both these values. I initially started creating soaps for my four year old son so that he was exposed to far less chemicals than I had already been. Thus began my journey of slowly eliminating all the plastic bottles for all our liquid soaps and we have never looked back!

At La Villa Blanche, we believe in simple living and being conscious about what we create, produce and consume while taking care of our planet. LVB soaps use raw organic ingredients and are made individually in very small batches. They are produced using the traditional cold press method which is a natural method that retains all the essential qualities of its oils and ingredients. LVB soaps have no artificial colours or scents, hence they have simple earthy tones based on the oils and butters used. Each soap is handmade and due to the natural curing process each soap takes four to six weeks to produce. Hence, limited editions are released from time to time. 

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