LVB Policies 

La Villa Blanche is a blog that provides design ideas, suggestions, tips, consulting and recommendations to its readers. All the opinions stated on the blog are personal opinions of the writer and all its content free of charge to all its readers. Material provided or mentioned on this website and my blogs will always be relevant creative ways in home decor, styling and design that interests my readers, so thank you for supporting LVB and other businesses by visiting their sites. You are free to pin images, link to articles on this blog and feature a brief excerpt or image without permission as long as La Villa Blanche is fully attributed along with the blog’s full name, author's name and a link to this site.

LVB Editorial Guidelines

  1. LVB is looking for original ideas or new perspectives on popular topics or current design or interior trends that are very specific to areas of shabby chic, French country, cottage or vintage styles. 

  2. La Villa Blanche is a blog that provides design ideas, suggestions, tips and recommendations to its readers and clients which they will find inspiring and filled with information. 

  3. LVB strives for quality over quantity of blogposts and accepts well written posts that are at least 500 words or more and with at least 3 tips mentioned (depending on the article). 

  4. The content must be unique to LVB and even if you have your own blog or a contributor to other blogs we request that you do not use the same content for an article on other sites.

  5. The content and photographs will be formatted as per LVB style and layout.

  6. Links are welcome within the piece as long as they are relevant and LVB wishes to associate it's brand to those products, you can also link to your own website or blog.

  7. LVB also ensures and seeks express permission for all photographs that are not LVB owned, with accurate credits and relevant titles. Hence, please do use original photographs or then attiribute them accordingly to it's rightful owner.

  8. Images are the most important part of a blogpost, so please provide clear, sharp and creative photographs in jpeg format.

  9. Once your post is published please do share it by posting across social media accounts or on your own blog.


LVB Copyright

All the text, images, graphics and content found on La Villa Blanche are the property of LA VILLA BLANCHE. Images used on this website are for inspiration purposes only and are identified and linked to original sources with their express permission (where required). You are not to copy, duplicate, download or reproduce any photographs or any content mentioned on this blog without the express permission from La Villa Blanche. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, modification, republishing, duplicating, uploading, posting, or transmitting any material on this blog is prohibited. All material is copyright protected. All rights reserved. Pinning is always appreciated!