I'm a self-confessed home decor addict and I just love French, Victorian, Country and Shabby Chic designs & styles. Balancing simplicity and elegance is what I love the most. Always having lots of fun along the way!Thank you for stopping by and I hope LVB gets you busy with creativity!

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5 Home Decor Styles - the Fixer Upper way!

Fixer Upper is a HGTV home renovation show featuring the lovely couple Joanna & Chip Gaines. I watch it regularly and have taken away a lot of tips from the show and implemented them when I built my home way back in 2014. The home transformations and vintage farmhouse decor showcased is just amazing. I would say it has that country living feel that blends elegance with simple rustic touches.

It's worth watching if you are a home decor lover and obsessed with home renovations!

Image Credit - The Magnolia House

So here I am sharing my 5 favourite picks of what are the coolest Fixer Upper Styles -

1. Furniture

Fixer Upper style uses amazing pieces of furniture - especially the dining table and chairs. The furniture in every room is opulent and has a feeling of richness even if it’s distressed and has a rustic worn out feel to it. It provides you with clever styling ideas to make weathered furniture look even more savvy and cosy! They might not appeal to everyone's taste but if you like a vintage inspired farmhouse look, then look no further! I am a big fan of rustic furniture however, I would balance it out with a few new pieces so it's not too over the top in terms of decor.

Image credit - HGTV

Image credit - HGTV

2. Colour Palette

Well, haven’t I stressed enough on colours and white decor?

My way of style is always a light colour palette - whites, creams and shades of pastel greys, pinks and blues. These neutral tones make the room feel large and provide a visual illusion of walls being pushed further away and spaces tend to look more airy and alluring. I believe white gives the room that extra oomph it requires and brightens up any space. Decor against white backdrop always scores when you lay your eyes across the room.

Image credit - CountryLiving

Image credit - HGTV

3. Textures Aglore!

This is an exciting one (my favourite) - Fixer Upper has so many textural elements going on in one home, that you might not notice it the very first time. The design and decor flow is so seamless that you just fall in love with the entire home, without realising you have - raw wood, shiplap, stone wall finishes, metallic decor elements and simple fabric furnishings all put together for a cohesive finish.

Image credit - HGTV

Image credit - HGTV

4. Open Shelving

This one is a debatable style that many home makers might not find practical enough to maintain on a regular basis? However, it's a big signature style in Fixer Upper, however, be warned it is meant to be used sparingly though, if you want a functional space that requires less attention. Personally, I love open shelving but would prefer that to be in my kitchen pantry, as they are very easy to clean. I would have a few in the children’s rooms to add a few decor elements (out of their reach) but that’s about it. Fixer Upper does have open shelving in plain sight for kitchens, they do look really inviting and awesome even though they might not appeal to everyone.

Image credit - HGTV

Image credit - HGTV

5. Home Décor

The style of home décor is almost extravagant and yet simple all at the same time. You will find huge clocks, chalkboards, inspirational quotes as wall hangings that accentuate the farmhouse vibe. Distressed home decor in every room, is what you will see throughout a Fixer Upper home.

Image Credit - HGTV

Image credit - HGTV

Image credit - HGTV

The one thing I love the most - is that it breathes life into old, almost run down places and transforms them into cosy homes and it feels almost surreal when you watch it all unfold!

It’s the way in which all these elements come together - almost makes you want to transform your own home into a Fixer Upper.

The potential to envision a design and make it a reality is what makes Fixer Upper homes so so special!

Hope you’ve picked up a few new ideas ? And hope I have persuaded you to watch Fixer Upper? Let me know if you do watch it and how you feel about the restorations.



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