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Must have Wallpapers for every room!

One trend that has continued to grow for the past two years and continues to grow is using wallpaper to better style your home! So here is a list, that I have compiled of some of my favourite wallpapers for 2020 from Photowall that are are must haves if you are re-decorating or sprucing up any of your rooms!


One of my favourites is this quirky wallpaper, that surprisingly has a calming effect and works so well in this study! The leaf prints and colour tones actually add an unique touch and adds a certain individuality and aptly named Wild in my Garden.


In a bedroom, the backdrop of trees or forest behind the bed frame, especially in pink shades disappears quietly even though large in scale and provides a relaxing vibe. The light tones provide a soothing touch, and ideal for bedrooms.


This stunning design works like a charm in this kid's bedroom. The dark tones, forest mural and detailed floral print are a must have this year. These pretty patterns are timeless classics that never go out of fashion, however you need to style your room with some lighter tones. Tropical and botanical vibes are here to stay - so lets just bring the outdoors - indoors!


This wallpaper is my absolute favourite and even though it has been used to decorate a nursery, I can see that it would fit really well in a young girl's bedroom or the study. I really love the intricate design and detail. It's a subtle addition to a room rather than adding an intensive


The hydrangea yellow wallpaper is a​ current trend, putting focus on the detail within the large scale leaves. This intriguing photographic wallpaper that takes an abstract approach to tropical design, adds a new depth to your feature wall and works well in a laundry.

LVB's pick for 2020 - the perfect Photowall wallpaper!

This is a Photowall sponsored post! Use "lavillablanche2021" and get a 25% discount, for a month as many times as you want.

More projects to be uploaded soon will keep all of you posted! Happy wallpaper decorating...



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