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Week 2 - Kitchen & Pantry Storage Ideas

So for week 2, I decided to tackle my kitchen, not entirely, but my pantry space. This area was neglected for a long time, as functionality superseded my need to make it look a bit more organised. So this summer, I felt I could give it a go and see whether I can strike the right balance.


This first thing you do, is tackle what you plan to store and how you plan to store it. A good mix of natural baskets and metal bins is a good way to break up your pantry or cupboard space. I used wire baskets for all my regular staples - onions, potatoes and ginger, garlic. And wooden crates to store bottles, cans, long life milk and other items that are used once in a while.

LVB Tip - Look for the right storage boxes or baskets, less is more sometimes.


Glass jars are easy to clean, easy to view, keep everything orderly, let you see what you have and how much you have and it helps with buying less and spending less! I had a collection of old glass jars and repurposed them to store pasta, nuts, grains, spices. I also collected a few jars from our neighbours so made a small collection of same jars

LVB Tip - Being more sustainable, by using what you have, spending less and utilising rather than recycling is the best way to make sure you are doing your bit for the environment while making your kitchen look good! Also, transitioning from plastic storage to glass makes it even better, no need to stock up on pricey containers!

Label - You can also label the containers if you prefer to restock the same item again. You don't need to buy labels, all you need is a paint pen and off you go. No more sticky labels!

Our pantry is open and visible through our kitchen, so I was keen to make it look visually appealing and having these glass jars has made this work really well!


Group your kitchen bowls, dishes together to create a space such that it compliments your decor style. Organise your tableware, neatly stack your bowls and plates in plain view, a pantry can hold food items and your tableware together! I created zones in my pantry, in such a way that all the items were easily accessible. I stored my bowls in one row and plates in the other.

I split my pantry into two distinct spaces so there was some uniformity and it worked well for me.

LVB Tip - Make sure you keep your most used kitchen items on the shelves rather than cupboards. I have kept my spices in a pull out drawer that is easy to use daily.

One thing to note, these tricks and tips apply to your pantry cupboard, kitchen cupboards or walk in pantry. The idea is to pick what works for you and apply them to your space big or small.

I refreshed my pantry in under $55 and here's a list of the items I used -

Kmart Wire Basket

This $4 basket is cute and stores quite a lot!

Ikea Storage Crate

I love this wooden crate as it stores heavy bottles and items and brings an earthy tone and warmth to a space.

Plate Holder

Simple and c

I must admit organising the kitchen was quite daunting and breaking this down into sections one day at a time works better. You need to slowly transition and clean up bit by bit.

Happy organising one more space!

Coming up next - Week 3 - Kids Storage & Study!



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