I'm a self-confessed home decor addict and I just love French, Victorian, Country and Shabby Chic designs & styles. Balancing simplicity and elegance is what I love the most. Always having lots of fun along the way!Thank you for stopping by and I hope LVB gets you busy with creativity!

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LVB Readers' Choice (Oct) - Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces can be tricky and challenging for a lot of us, especially if you own an apartment or a small townhouse. Creating a big splash of style along with adding more functionality around your home by introducing up cycled furniture, lots of storage options and stylish soft furnishings. This year has been about all about unique storage solutions and organisation and here's how you sort out your smaller rooms or spaces!


Understand your space, measure your room dimensions and make adjustments as required. Don't add too much furniture, resize it based on what you can fit into your floor plan. A smaller couch, a side table instead of a traditional coffee table, add a ledge to store things along the wall instead of laying them on your coffee table or a small ottoman that can work both as a coffee table or as additional seating. Adding too much can lead to the space feeling even more small and confined than it really is!

image credit - Rentpatina

LVB Tip - Add a touch of greenery - a small potted plant in a corner or place in a dead space, can add a fresh dimension and vibrancy to the space.


Make sure to define your space, it can easily clutter your shared living, dining and study spaces if you don't take enough efforts especially if you have a studio apartment or an open living plan. Use ottomans, side tables, floor cushions or rugs to create specific zones and remember to keep it simple yet practical all at the same time. I know this may seem a bit too daunting for some of you, however, the trick is to define your space with a touch of style.

LVB Tip - Get creative and opt for non-traditional seating arrangements that make your living room appear even more spacious!


Take advantage of empty wall space by hanging wall art, shelving and storing items that elevate the room. This also makes the room feel more spacious as you don't space out your things on the floor instead you utilise your walls instead!

LVB Tip - Open shelving or bookshelves are easy ways to utilise your walls, they are practical and serve as good storage solutions!

Image Credits - Archer Interiors, Danielle Moss, Daily Dream Decor,, H& M & Rentpatina

Well how do you feel now about decorating those tiny spaces? If you are not sure, remember to use lighter tones for your wall colours and on soft furnishings and you can never go wrong!

Let me know if you were able to decorate your home with these tips.


Shirin @LVB

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