I'm a self-confessed home decor addict and I just love French, Victorian, Country and Shabby Chic designs & styles. Balancing simplicity and elegance is what I love the most. Always having lots of fun along the way!Thank you for stopping by and I hope LVB gets you busy with creativity!

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2019 : New Year with a Fresh Start...

Well 2019 is here ... and all my Christmas decor is out of the way and packed up. My home looks even more spacious than before and I am now pondering over the idea of adding an armchair to my living space!

While a few of us have already made our plans for 2019 through this holiday period, a few have made some new resolutions or some are still planning things out. What are your 2019 plans? or resolutions? or have you thought of taking it easy and not having any resolutions this year and instead planning on going with the flow?

This is how 2018 looked like for LVB - a bit too short really... having living out of our house for almost five months and having to move back in all over again! I am glad 2018 is truly over... 2017 was a bit different.

My plans have worked out a bit these holidays and in the order that I have liked! I have had some success with getting some time to myself and have actually picked up a book to read peacefully for an hour... thats progress in comparison to last year. Every person with a kid would relate to this and understand what I am talking about! Have been away for a quiet few days with a relaxing spa and some quality time with family before heading back to work.

But most importantly, I have been able to re-organise and declutter my home from all the "stuff" my husband hoards throughout the year! Will share a picture of what all I am about to load up on my nature strip this weekend - yes a lot of effort goes into making your home look beautiful - especially when it involves convincing your husband of letting go of old stuff that hasn't been used for the past few years.

LVB Tip - I have a two year rule - Anything that hasn't been touched or looked at within the past 2 years or so needs to be discarded, donated or dealt with! As you are probably never ever going to use it again in your life, so no point holding on to it.

Let it go.. Let it go... can't hold it back anymore!

Here are some of the quick fixes you can manage before your holidays end without breaking your back!

1. Ensure you have the storage boxes for your Christmas or festival decor items. You don't need a trendy storage box, a simple and transparent plastic storage box from Ikea is functional and easy to store away. They work well to store your seasonal clothes as well and I absolutely love them as the boxes makes the mess look neat!

2. Donate your old clothes, bedsheets, towels, old pillows, unopened toiletries and reduce the number of kitchen tea towels you have collected over the years. Apply the LVB two year rule!

3. Make sure you have a place to store your keys, regular shoes and office bags which you will be using for the next three hundred odd days to come!

4. Get rid off too many figurines, photo frames and paper bags.

5. Buy some new cushions, pillows and a vibrant throw for your living space or add some extra storage for cushions, this will instantly add that freshness and newness to your room!

6. Get rid of your old electronics, such as the huge speaker systems and upgrade your surround sound system. We are replacing ours with a simple Bose sound bar which is definitely far better than a group of speakers that we had. So I'm glad my husband is buying himself something this year!

Last but not least, go a bit more green this year and with each passing year and have a more sustainable approach by getting rid of your plastic bags and using cloth bags while shopping, use your coffee mug rather than disposable cups and take sometime out for yourself!

My plan is to start writing again, not on my blog but otherwise as well - old-school way - in a book with a pen! And get to reading even more!

So hope you all have a fabulous 2019! Will be sharing 2019 interior trends soon so you can track what you buy for you home this year and what you should completely avoid! And promising to post a lot more than last year!

Until the next one... hope you all have a refreshing start to a fabulous 2019...



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