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LVB Themes (Jan) - Shades of Pastel...

My love for pastels has been around for as long as I can remember... and I would love to kick start my LVB themes section with ways to use a touch of pastel in your home. As always we are winding down the summer heat and hoping February and March usher in the cooler winds. While the cold weather else where in the world is slowing down.

So the best time of the year to freshen up the look of your home be it spring or autumn...

Sharing some ideas that make a room look fresh and lively.

Choosing the right tones that work well with your interiors and been in with the textures, wall colours and flooring around your living room or bedroom. Look for dark timber furniture and match it up with pink or blue shades that pop out.

Colours can do wonders to your home and I have always stressed on the need to choose your colour palette carefully!

Add a bit of colour with your cushions, wall prints or then fresh flowers - these are a few quick fixes to get your room to look all dreamy and pretty! The calming tones make add a new dimension to a chaotic home, if your home looks some what close to mine when my son leaves his toys all over the place!

The other solutions are a splash of decor and accessories styled just right that draws your attention to subtle look you prefer rather than bold primary colours that might not always blend in. Some pastel cushions in your living and bedroom work just fine.

I love to add shades of pastel in the kids room, I feel they work really well there. My son's room has an awesome wallpaper that would work for both a girls room or a boys room.

Image Credits - Pastel Bench, Pastel Chair, Cushions

Hope this has inspired you and given you a few ideas on how to add pastel shades to your home!

One of my favourite topics to cover on, hope you really enjoyed this one.

Coming up next is your choice that is my regular segment on Readers' Choice. Let me know if you have anything in particular that you would like to ask me?



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